John Kasaipwalova

Name:              John Kasaipwalova

Date of Birth:     1949

Village:                  Okaidoka Village, Kiriwina Island

Home Province: Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea

Background Information:

He attended a Catholic school where he won a scholarship to attend the University of Queensland to become a vet. He then enrolled at the Papua New Guinean’s National University, the University of Papua New Guinea. It was at UPNG that he began his literary career.


  • Hanuabada (a compilation of poetry)(1972)
  • Reluctant Flame (a compilation of poetry)(1972)
  • Kanaka’s Dream (satirical play)
  • The Rooster in the Confessional (satirical play)
  • The Naked Jazz (satirical play)
  • My Brother (satirical play)
  • My Enemy (satirical play)
  • Sail the Midnight Sun (co-author with Greg Murphy)(folk opera)(1980)
  • Betel Nut is Bad Magic for Airplanes (short story)

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