Write for peace & harmony: Rivers Prize enters 2nd year


THE Crocodile Prize has just experienced its most bountiful year – more than 600 entries from 130 writers. And, in December, we’ll be calling for entries for the 2015 Crocodile Prize.

But to keep writers busy over the next few months, we’re running the second year of the Rivers Peace and Harmony Prize.

The award, sponsored by colonial days expatriate teacher Val Rivers, offers K1,700 in prizes: K1,000 first prize and two K350 prizes for the runners up.

This year we’re asking contestants to provide no more than 1,500 words (they may take the form of article, story, essay or poem) on the theme of ‘Peace & Harmony in PNG – Past & Present’.

Writers can address issues such as how people handled the need for harmony in the past, how things are managed now, what features of traditional systems may be relevant today, what policies should be invoked to lead to a more harmonious society…. indeed, any aspect of the subject that appeals to you and about which you would like to write.

Read more here: http://asopa.typepad.com/asopa_people/2014/09/rivers-prize-for-peace-harmony-writing-enters-its-2nd-year.html


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