THE 2015 Crocodile Prize is on again

From November 24,2014, Papua New Guinea’s writers – and, for the first time, artists – can enter a national contest that culminates in September each year with recognition of the very best in creative endeavour.

In launching the 2015 contest, chairman of the Crocodile Prize Organisation, COG, Jimmy Drekore, said the organisation was proud to introduce an award for artists, the SP Brewery Award for Illustration.

He also said the Prize still needs more sponsors (see following story).

Crocodile Prize entrants can select from a range of creative categories. There is no limit on the entries that can be made although Prize organisers emphasise that “quality will always triumph over quantity”.

Mr Drekore said the sponsors’ roster for 2015 includes the PNG Government, Ok Tedi Mining, Kina Securities, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, the PNG Association of Australia, and the family of former colonial Administrator Sir Donald Cleland and his wife Dame Rachel.

Mr Drekore also announced that SP Brewery is funding the first Award for Illustration which he said “extends the Crocodile Prize to PNG’s artistic community”.

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