Writers N – Z


Nganining Grinde

Nou Vada




Patricia Martin

Peter Joksie

Peter Maime

Peter Severa

Philomena Isitoto

Pokwari Kale

Pusateryanna Tandak




Raroteone Tufuarani

Raukz N

Regina Dorum

Rei Mina

Russell Soaba

Ruth Kamasungua


Sharina Paliou

Sophie Garana

Stanley Mark

Steven S. Palisa

Steven Winduo






Vanessa Kavanamur

Vincent Eri


Werner Cohill







4 responses to “Writers N – Z

  1. Peter Kolkia

    Hi Maya, great work on your initiative.
    I have recently been trying to find PNG authors who wrote articles or books on animal physiology.

    I realized some authors don’t have hyperlinks to their work.

    I was wondering if you can great links to categories on writers and what they have written.

    Otherwise job well done and thank you for this initiative.



  2. I’m interested in contributing to this blog. I think it is a wonderful idea. Steven Winduo

    • It would be an honour if you would. Thank you for offering.

      • Hi Maya, thank you for this initiative. (I assume you are the owner of this site.)

        Can I offer something of a feedback to you?
        I just want to point out to you that that some links are broken (not working), especially the author’s name. For example when I click on Russel Soaba, I get nothing. See if you can fix that.

        Plus, your front page is quite empty. You might want to put something there as well. I’m thinking a little piece, something of a feature article about one of the writers listed here. That would be quite interesting and educational for visitors.

        You might also want to reconsider your layout. Try using a tabular format or a database of sorts to enter the details of PNG’s writers. That will make it easier for users to search and for you as the administrator to update with fresh information, etc.

        BTW, Steven Winduo above is an accomplished writer from Papua New Guinea. You should add him to your list as well.



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